Maritime Security Cooperation

EEZ Monitoring Capability

iBench powered risk assessment products; (CAMTES and MDA WatchKeeper) have many ways to approach an MDA problem with simplicity as the norm.   Many partner nations lack the ability to monitor their territorial waters, so GreenLine has built a capability into our iBench based products that can easily support them.  Our Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) monitoring capability allows you to support your partner nations by automatically informing them of vessels en route and vessels entering into their EEZ.

I will walk you through a current example of partner support using the country of Nigeria.

I first made an “AOR” of Nigeria’s EEZ

I then developed a “destination list” for ports in Nigeria.  GreenLine identified all the permutations of the way the crewmembers have spelled Nigerian ports and as you can see by the below there are many variations (35 pages of port spellings, 19 ports per page, 665 total)

I then set up a “Notification Manager” to send a daily (or as often as wanted) message to alert Nigerian interested parties that the following vessels are declaring to be en route Nigerian ports

An email is automatically generated and sent to email list of customer choosing, below is a sample email

Additionally, I set up a “lookout alert” in “views” to alert selected customer emails every time a vessel enters the Nigerian EEZ

Yesterday, Saturday 3 Nov, CAMTES generated 38 email alerts notifying Nigerian Navy analysts every time a vessel or vessels entered the EEZ, like the one below.  We also show all vessels under 100GRT that use AIS.

Once an analyst receives this email if they are logged into an iBench product they could click on the hyper linked IMO and be taken to that vessels  “Vessel Detail” Page.  If they are not logged into an iBench product they still receive a PDF that shows each vessels details as seen below.

You can also build other queries (“views”) to help each country monitor their MDA, for example a view to show all fishing vessels in EEZ, ships coming from a particular country declaring to be en route, etc.



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