Maritime Security Cooperation

New Whitepaper: Collaboration in the Maritime Security Domain

A new whitepaper is available from GreenLine Systems titled “Collaboration in the Maritime Security Domain”.

The whitepaper includes the following:  An Overview of the Maritime Domain, Challenges to Providing Maritime Security, An Overview of GreenLine’s Approach to MDA/MSA Solutions, and a Summary of Benefits of GreenLine Solutions.

The whitepaper is available here.


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>>Scott is the Chief Executive Officer of Defensative An entrepreneur, Scott has successfully built businesses for large, mid-size and start-up companies over the past 25 years. He's grown businesses to greater than 300 million in revenues and co-founded and lead a tech start-up that was created and sold within 3 years. He also created large commercial and government customer bases both domestically and internationally. Scott has built professional services firms as well as B2B, B2C and enterprise software businesses; he understands the fine balance required between software and services to maximize success.


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