Maritime Security Cooperation

Understanding the Rules…

GreenLine products, such as MDA WatchKeeper (in partnership with IHS Global Ltd.), include a Risk Analysis Framework. This framework extends a user defined customizable, rule-based scoring system. For MDA Watchkeeper, GreenLine provides a default configuration which enables our customers to begin using the risk analysis related to vessel profiles and movements immediately. We are continuously refining this analysis to adapt to the changing behaviors in the maritime world.

Some of the indicators used are derived from knowledge of the profiles and characteristics of vessels and owner/operating entities that have been involved in criminal activity or may be trying to hide true ownership, origin, destination or cargo being transported. GreenLine’s Maritime Security, Maritime Safety, Intelligence, and Customs Subject Matter Experts (SME) rely on these types of indicators and many other resources to develop our analysis.

For example, ship-owners and charterers operate on very fine profit margins in a difficult market. In times of economic stress, owner/operators that are operating on the margins may easily look the other way accepting payment for un-vetted cargo or passengers allowing smugglers, criminals, and terrorists’ access to legitimate maritime transportation nodes.

Using the knowledge and many years of hands-on experience of GreenLine SMEs, MDA Watchkeeper is pre-configured to analyze and score hundreds of vessel characteristics and ownership/operating entity attributes, over a year’s worth of movement history and live position updates provided every 15 minutes.  Each result associated with a risk score (3-low, 5-medium low, 7-medium, 9-medium high, 11-high,). As the results are calculated for a vessel or entity, that score is applied and cumulative score is awarded that shows the risk assessed against that particular vessel/entity. Thresholds are defined which then displayed the risk profile of a particular vessel in 3 levels: Low (Green) 00-74 points, Medium (Yellow) 75-99 points, or High (Red) 100+.

While MDA Watchkeeper comes with a default configuration, by using the Risk Analysis Framework included as part of the application an organization can modify and add rules, change scores, and adjust thresholds to address the specific areas of concern for their particular agency/organization.

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